Satrangee Parachute 2011 Music Review

here is hardly any awareness about Satrangee Parachute. Other than knowing the fact that it is a film about children, there is nothing else that one knows about what's really in store. The film's title further refuses to give anything away except for it sounding quite similar to The Blue Umbrella. With new composer Kaushik Dutta and lyricist Rajeev Barnwal at the helm of affairs, one plays on Satrangee Parachute without really knowing what the album would offer.

The moment you see Kailash Kher's name on the credits, you know that the song would be taking a philosophical route. This is what one actually gets in 'Zindagi Ki Raah Mein' which is about the protagonist being inspired to go independent and explore the journey of life. An average sounding song that hardly sounds like the kind which is suited for a film's soundtrack and instead appears to have been made for a documentary, 'Zindagi Ki Raah Mein' just makes you move to the next song in the album.

A lullaby follows next in the form of 'Mere Bachche'. Easy on ears with Shreya Ghoshal doing a rather good job behind the mike, 'Mere Bachche' has a smooth flowing appeal to it while keeping the lullaby mood intact. There aren't any ups or downs here and the instruments too are kept bare minimum hence ensuring that the lullaby turns out to pretty harmless.

Shaan comes on the scene with a 'journey song' which is titled 'Chal Pade Hum'. Just like the last song, this one too maintains a serene appeal, hence making one get somewhat interested in the album. A song about moving ahead in life while expecting things to really turn your way, 'Chal Pade Hum' has a 90s sound to it. Nevertheless it is helped by some decent melody with smooth flowing arrangements that ensure that the song would form a part of the film's background score.

As a guest composer, Shamir Tandon creates a song with Lata Mangeshkar who is heard after a hiatus. While the sound of 'Tere Hasne Se' belongs to the 80s, it is hard to ignore the fact that there is some definite effort that has gone into singing this one. Nevertheless for those in hunt of some sheer nostalgia, 'Tere Hasne Se' could well be trip worth taking. However as a standalone song, it is barely okay.