Satrangee Parachute 2011 Movie Review

We keep harping that we need to make films that cater to not just adults, but also kids. We make films keeping this segment of movie-going audience in mind. We even cast kids in stellar and pivotal parts. But we misfire most of the times. So what are the 'golden rules' that make a perfect, compelling kiddie film?

* One, the maker ought to opt for a theme that would depict kids as kids, not as super-heroes fighting a battalion of baddies.

* Two, the child protagonist should come across as a hero/winner towards the end. We want our protagonist to succeed, don't we?

* Three, a good kiddie movie should not only entertain, but also enlighten the young minds. Also, the plot should be simple, unfussy and uncomplicated.

* Lastly, the subject material should be treated/executed with dexterity, with utmost sensitivity and a certain maturity.

Unfortunately, SATRANGEE PARACHUTE makes no impact whatsoever. It is childish and amateurish!

Pappu [Siddhartha Sanghani] flees his home in Nainital with four other friends, leaving their parents angry and worried. Pappu plans to buy a parachute for one of their friends Kuhu [Rajvi Suchak], which explains why the kids decide to flee their homes. The kids face obstacles in Mumbai as they are mistaken to be accomplices of four terrorists, who have also arrived in the city with nefarious plans.