Khudakushi 2010 Movie Preview

Movie: Khudakushi 2010 Movie Preview

Young Imran, in search of a job meets Wali Sheikh and gets impressed by his lifestyle, but little does he know that Wali Sheikh is working as sleeping cell for a terrorist organization.

Wali Sheikh, living under a trauma of imparity and injustice has his own reason to make a free space for Muslims in India. In pathetic circumstances around him Imran asks Wali to help him to get a job, but Wali justifies that it's better to work for a better cause to make a better space for Muslims in Society than work for petty jobs, that brainwashes Imran and it changes his approach towards life and society.

This makes the whole family worries for their eldest Son Imran.

Wali Sheikh and his mentor Bhaijaan are working on a longtime plan to blast the CST in Mumbai, but in a week before their planned act the members get caught by Police, now all the responsibilities comes on to Wali Sheikh to make it last minute success.

At this point Wali Sheikh convinces Imran to accompany him to place a bomb. Imran apparently agrees to be a part of the plan. From here on life at home takes new twist for Imran...the results of his act may jeopardizes whole family's life.