Gumshuda 2010 Movie Preview

Movie: Gumshuda 2010 Movie Preview

Anisha, an attractive young lady in her early thirties, is astounded to find that someone is sending her a series of diamonds by courier. Her father, Captain Mehta had disappeared some years back and the letter accompanying the diamonds hints at some link between her father and the diamonds...

The diamonds lead the intrepid Anisha, a night club singer by profession, to the idiosyncratic private detective, Prashant Saigal and his associate, Dr. Arvind Rao:a criminological expert with an eye for the beautiful tings in life!

The trio of Prashant, Arvind and Anisha reach the house of the man who was sending the diamonds, namely, the ultra-stylish Goutam Dutt. He tells them the intriguing tale of the Agra Treasure, a collection of highly priced jewels that had its origins some 150 years back and which disappeared nearly 40 years back... The search for the Treasure and for the truth behind Captain Mehta's death leads the trio to Shillong, to the house built by Colonel Dutt, the father of Goutam Dutt. The Colonel had died in a strange paroxysm of fear upon seeing a ferocious face at the window...

Saigal and Arvind stumble upon a series of murders including that of Siddharth Dutt, Goutam Dutt's brother mercilessly annihilated by a poisonous dart - the last in a series of killings that began with the butchering of the merchant Achmet, at Agra, some forty years ago...It was Achmet who had been entrusted with the Agra Treasure by the Maharaja of Sitamgarh.

Prashant, who has a great liking for single malt whiskeys, gradually unravels the mystery, aided by his own hallucinations and dreams. His research coupled by his own subconscious, leads him to the mysterious and malevolent Jalaluddin who is the prime suspect in the Siddharth murder case. In the course of the adventure, Anisha's traumas and uncertainties throw her close to the disarming Arvind, who often has to face the ire of the short-tempered Prashant.