Vroom 2010 Movie Preview

The car with a mind of its own. Smarty's magical powers are courtesy an artificial intelligence chip which is sought after by the unseen Mr. X.

Rahul is 18 years old and is passionate about automobiles. He is Smarty's best friend thinks any car that is shown sufficient loves will work really well.

Pooja is the innocent college girl who likes Rahul but can't muster the courage to convey her feelings to Rahul.

Girgit is Mr. X's henchman trying to steal the chip from Smarty - Mr. X has promised Girgit a role in a film using his connections if he gets the chip back from Smarty.

Diana works with Mr. X and along with Girgit wants to get the chip for Mr. X.

Vicky is the college brat who hates Rahul and does not like the fact that Pooja has grown fond of Rahul.

Dr. Ramanujan
Dr. Ramanujan is the scientist who invents the artificial intelligence chip and gives life to Smarty


Vroom, Adventures of Smarty, the magical car is the story of Smarty, a magical car with a mind of its own. The story goes that a scientist, Dr. Ramanujam, is working on a secret Artificial Intelligence chip which an evil goon, Mr. X wishes to acquire. He sends his henchmen to steal the chip, but Dr. Ramanujam manages to escape with it and puts it in a car. It is this car that then gets a mind of its own and stats playing tricks on his new owner and the people around him. What follows is a series of fun filled events that make Smarty the star attraction.