Krantiveer The Revolution 2010 Movie Preview

ROSHNI: A fearless and fiery youthful journalist who refuses to keep shut and speaks her mind. She wields the power of media in baring the misdeeds of those eating into the society like termites.

VISHAL: A never 'say' die young army man driven by nothing else but aggression to achieve what his father had lost. His determination not only changes his fate but also the fate of the systems he fights against.

GOLDIE: A youth bestowed with all riches from his family. But disillusioned by the evils that money power wrecks, he rebels and decides to stand up against it.

UDAY: A youth who had a political-legacy in his blood. And was out there to root out the corruption and infuse a new life into the system


The young daughter of the man responsible for the last revolution Pratap Narayan Tilak is now wielding the power of media as a fearless journalist. Roshni has inherited not only the courage and sting of her legendary father but also the spirited lingo and the indomitable style.

The last time around, we rooted out the devils that came from across the seas. Now, the demons are within. And they are more vicious and wicked. We need to fight them with a new force and energy - The youth. They are now ready to act only to stop, when they have achieved their mission to rid the society of evils corruption, anarchy & terrorism.

Roshni acts as a pivot of the revolution and gets along her determined college mates Vishal, Uday and Goldie. The story takes all of them on a mission to rid the present society of the evils, a revolution for cleaning the system.

Would this revolution shake the nation into searching its conscience and see peace, freedom and justice for all?

This is what Krantiveer is all about.