Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2011 Music Review

Movie: Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2011

Expectedly, the album opens with a young track which is about the protagonists celebrating life for what it is, despite the problems it brings with it. Boasting of a catchy tune that has been created for a long drive on the road, 'Life Sahi Hai' is a male bonding track that sees some good bonding happening behind the mike as well with K.K., Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal and Sidd Coutto coming together to create the desired effect. Put to tune by Clinton Cerejo, even though the song's 'mukhda' reminds one of the kind of music that plays along with urban commercials, it does lend Pyaar Ka Punchnama a positive start.

While one still waits for the 'masti & mazaa' tracks that played in the promos, what follows next - 'Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai' - is actually a sombre love song which has been put to tune by Hitesh Sonik and sees Suraj Jagan (who is known more for his rock performances) in an altogether different avtar. Yes, he gets an opportunity to raise his pitch in this track as well but by and large the focus is on melody with the kind of theme that basically plays as a part of the background score. The song also sees a 'revisited' version for itself, this time with Sonu Nigam, Neuman Pinto and Rachel Dsouza coming together. Another number that does come across as quite easy on ears though by this time one starts hunting for that chartbuster track that has in it to give that commercial edge to Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

This happens to some extent with 'Kutta' which is a Mika solo that is centred on the theme of men being treated as dogs when it comes to their interaction with women. With a catchy rhythm to it, the song may not be everyone's idea due to its risqué lyrics at places (on a close listening, one can sense faint references to expletives). However amongst the masses the song has in it to attract its target audience as it goes perfectly well with the film's theme and treatment. No wonder, it is the director's show all the way as first timer Luv Ranjan even goes on to write and compose the song. Expect the sound of 'Kutta' to play bright through the film's narrative in order to accentuate the troubled state of the protagonists.

However it seems that the makers wanted to keep the biggest 'dhamaal' towards the later stage of the album, what with 'Chak Glassi' making a late appearance. Let the fact be stated, if at all there is a worthy follower to 'Chaar Baj Gaye' [F.A.L.T.U. ] this year, it has to be 'Chak Glassi'. The song has everything going in its favour - an extremely catchy rhythm created by composer Ad Boyz, lyrics that belong to today's time (courtesy Shammi) and some spirited singing by Suzanne D'Mello and Monali who get the desired effect bang on when it comes to bringing on a voice of seduction and playfulness. There is a male version to the song as well with Ad Boyz coming together with Suzanne D'Mello. However give us the female version anytime. This is one club track that should find its way into discotheques soon.