Men Will Be Men 2011 Movie Review

Movie: Men Will Be Men 2011

'Men Will Be Men', though, seems to be stretching this montage idea to epic proportions, to its own detriment. A rather juvenile comedy about supposedly 'mature' men, the film seems to have no plausible plot one can follow. For the most part, the film's focus seems to be on being some sort of ad for the tourism department of Pattaya, where the film's four 'protagonists', friends Jimmy, Sundar, Preet and Bobby are off to, on an impromptu holiday from their work at an ad firm.

When the foursome spot a beautiful girl, Deepa, who happens to be the relationship manager at the hotel they're staying at, they fall head over heels in a competition to see who can land the girl, leading to a few comic cut scenes before the plot ends in the most predictable way possible. The plot is interspersed with a few inexplicably 'serious' moments between the married but straying Preet and the penny pinching accounts guy, Sundar.

With four television actors in lead roles, 'Men Will Be Men' plays out like a wholly unfunny sitcom episode as well, complete with uninspiring gag scenes, stretched out to their breaking point, and hammy acting that is fit only for the small screen. Fortunately, at just over an hour odd long, 'Men Will Be Men' could possibly be passed off a sitcom pilot or a made for TV movie.

The actors, Rajesh Kumar, better known as TV's Roshesh, who plays Preet here, Gaurav Chopra as the smooth talking Jimmy, Rohit Khurana as Sundar and Rahil Tandon as Bobby, are all uniformly bad. Zeenal Kamdar, who plays the eye candy Deepa, also needs acting lessons in a hurry, while Rajesh Khattar seems to have carved out a career playing the boss in a series of films and serials. He is just about okay.

One has to wonder why the director, Gorky, chooses to go just by one name in the credits. Is it possibly to ensure that nobody links him to this disaster? Well, that is understandable. For someone who, for years assisted Kundan Shah, the man behind the likes of 'Nukkad', 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na' and 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron', Gorky's first Bollywood outing is surprisingly terrible. After watching the film, one has to wonder what the director is boasting about when he tells the media that 'Men Will Be Men' was shot in just seven days. Clearly, the results show.

Musically, the film does okay, but fails on the choreography and picturisation counts. The out of shape actors can't seem to manage a step in synchronisation. Why the films still insists on making them go through it, one doesn't know.