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Movie: Memories in March 2011

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Many film-makers in the West have focused on the closeted gay, an unassuming person who likes to remain in the shadows. Similarly, a lot many films have captured the trauma and anguish of the bereaved parents when their child is no more. MEMORIES IN MARCH [English; with generous usage of Hindi and Bengali] is not just about the relationship between gay lovers, but also looks at the suffering and pain a mother goes through when her son dies in a road accident. Much later, a bigger shock awaits her when she learns that her only child had a male lover. Suddenly, she discovers chapters in her son's life that she didn't know.

MEMORIES IN MARCH is more about the bonding between a mother and the deceased son's lover and how they unite in grief. Initially reluctant to accept him, the mother and the son's lover come to terms with the harsh realities of life.
A film like MEMORIES IN MARCH treads on a hitherto unknown path and I genuinely feel that such stories need to be told. It's a coming out of closet film that would encourage more people to open up and accept their sexuality with pride. Director Sanjoy Nag handles alternative sexuality with the sensitivity it demands. The film keeps you hooked for most parts thanks to a taut screenplay that never deviates from the core issue. Especially the concluding portions, when the mother leaves the city with precious memories of people who loved her son dearly.

Several questions haunted me much after the conclusion of the film. Whose grief was more real - the mother's loss of her son or the lover's loss of a companion? Or, as Rituparno Ghosh rightly put it, is there such a thing as a hierarchy of grief?