Luv Ka The End 2011 Music Review

Movie: Luv Ka The End 2011

Aditi Singh Sharma, who is making good progress as a playback singer for the young ones in recent times, gets another big opportunity for herself by singing the title song 'Luv Ka The End'. While most rom-com musicals start with a mushy number, this one is different as it aims at putting love to be an end. However the mood is by no means gloomy and in fact quite peppy as the girl takes it upon herself to teach her ex-lover a lesson. There is a 80s Biddu feel to the song which is instantly catchy and the way Aditi goes around singing it only makes it further enjoyable. A good start.

The track that follows next is about what would have happened to the character before she decided to put love to an end! Titled 'Tonight', the song is about a girl who is nervous though excited about her 'first night out' with her boyfriend. Set again as a teen song as prevalent in Western flicks, 'Tonight' is sweet, simple and more innocent than sensual as it moves ahead with a decent pace. A situational track that should do well as a part of the background score, 'Tonight' is sung well by Suman Sridhar who is convincing as the voice of an 18 year old girl.

Aditi Singh Sharma is in her elements all over again along with Joi Barua for 'Freak Out' which would definitely go down as the highlight song of the album. That's because of the unique technique that has been applied in picturisation that has never ever been attempted for a Hindi film before. A song which has animation in practically every frame of its video, it is well complimented by the fun quotient that Ram Sampat's music brings with it. Though 'Freak Out' lasts barely three minutes, it would definitely find a repeat listening for itself after being seen on the big screen.

Being promoted as an item song that would leave even 'Sheila' and 'Munni' behind, 'The Mutton Song' is a disappointment as leave aside being any competition; it doesn't even come any close. Of course the song is a spoof and that's the intent behind the promotion as well. However the tune here is so average that it just doesn't make you listen to it again. A song which requires a male to be dressed up as a female and gyrating to an item number, 'The Mutton Song' may make some impression is aided by some funny picturisation. Audio wise though this Krishna sung track is a letdown.