Chalo Dilli 2011 Music Review

Movie: Chalo Dilli 2011

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Chalo Dilli 2011 Bollywood Hindi Movie Review

The album kick-starts with the sound of 'Chalo Dilli' which has been blazing across all music channels that have been airing the film's promos for around a fortnight now. A foot tapping number with a Punjabi base, courtesy Manthan's lyrics and arrangements that have Western fusion to them, this Gourov Dasgupta composition turns out to be instantly catchy and makes you revisit it all over again. One of the better theme tracks to have come out in recent times, this Raja Hasan sung number has just the right kind of energy and spunk to it which was much needed for the film.

'Matargashtiya' carries forward the fun element with the Punjabi flavour remaining intact, what with Anand Raj Anand being the lyricist/composer here with Sukhwinder Singh doing the honours behind the mike. A song about being casual in approach and just allowing the time to fly past by, 'Matargashtiya' is a situational track that should look good on screen, courtesy picturisation that does promise effective storytelling.

There is a surprise in store though with the album changing route and taking the item song lane, courtesy June Banerjee sung 'Laila Mein Laila' which has been adapted from the namesake number in Qurbani. While the latter was an out and out Western number, the former is a fusion mix with a Punjabi setting to it. So one pretty much foresees Yana Gupta (on whom the song is picturised) to get into a 'Babuji' [Dum] mode while gyrating to this one. While the 'mukhda' of 'Laila Mein Laila' is kept intact by Gourov Dasgupta, lyricist Manthan comes up with altogether different to give it a different dimension. The song, despite appearing in 'Club Mix' version as well, is not an instant chartbuster and one waits to see how Yana ends up enticing audience with her moves here.