United Six 2011 Music Review

United Six? Errr..., now how would the music actually sound in this one? That's the thought that crosses your mind when you pick the album of United Six. A film which has arrived out of nowhere ironically has only one known name - Pritam - who is the composer here. Still, despite dozens of musical successes that Pritam has given in the past, one doesn't trust 'United Six' to be carrying anything worthwhile that would warrant a repeat hearing. With nil expectations, one plays on the songs that have been penned by Ashish Pandit.

The opening beats are the coming together or Punjabi folk and Western rap that actually manage to give 'Waha Bhai Waa' a good beginning. A dance number about a girl who prides herself on having a key to the heart of many a men out there, 'Waha Bhai Waa' is a dance number which actually turns out to be just about passable as it progresses further. With support from Bob who does all the rap, Anushka Manchanda does all at her end to bring some sensuality behind the mike. However the tune is so ordinary that even she is unable to help much. Also, the catch phrase Waha Bhai Waa' appears to be an after thought as it is not quite connected to the rest of the song which also arrives in a 'remix version'.

It is back to discos in the 80s with 'Give it up' taking a Western route. The sound here is the kind that one would have associated with Biddu rather than Pritam as a result of which 'Give It Up' just doesn't manage to rise over the ordinary. Yet again the singers do their job well with Monali Thakur and Suzanne D'mello trying to be all spirited. However not just the tune really ordinary here, the arrangements are half hearted as well due to which United Six fails to take off even as one reaches the mid-point of the film.