Masti Express 2011 Movie Review

Now here's yet another film that places its story on Rajpal Yadav's shoulders. This time, Rajpal has Johny Lever for company. MASTI EXPRESS, helmed by first-time director Vikram Pradhan, has two stories running concurrently: Rajpal and his wife Divya Dutta's fervent desire to have their kid educated at a respectable institution and the auto rickshaw race that forms the crux of the story.

Quite an interesting idea, I must add, but interesting ideas don't necessarily translate into fascinating cinematic experiences. The problem is, MASTI EXPRESS appeals in parts, not in its entirety. At places, the film is engaging, but there are times when it comes across as a yawn-inducing attempt. The screenplay writing is clearly the culprit here!

MASTI EXPRESS tells the story of a father [Rajpal Yadav], who desperately tries to get his only child admitted to a renowned school and provide him education. His son is just another brat in a slum with an uninspiring future. The son is refused admission initially, but later, when the father faces a lot of obstacles and wins an auto rickshaw race with the help of the school kids, the Principal [Manoj Joshi] opens the doors of his school to the kid.