No Problem 2010 Music Review

No Problem 2010 Music Review

Honestly, one isn't overtly enthusiastic about checking out what exactly does No Problem have in store. It doesn't boast of a quintessential hero-heroine fare. Also, since it is an Anees Bazmee film, it isn't meant to be relying on music as it's USP as the story telling by itself is expected to bring in the audience. Moreover, the earlier promos of the film haven't quite placed music on the forefront. Add to that the fact that three set of composers - Pritam, Sajid-Wajid and Anand Raaj Anand - come together to get the album in place means one is further apprehensive about what really is in store here.

As it turns out, the opening song No Problem doesn't quite turn out to the best attraction that the title track of a film is supposed to offer. Coming from the same school of music as the title track of Welcome, this one does have a catchy rhythm to it with Wajid, Suzzane Demello, Khurram Iqbal, Bhishak Jyoti, Kamal Khan, Suganda Mishra and Altamash Faridi teaming up behind the mike. However, it somehow ends up being 'heard today, forgotten tomorrow' kind of a track. Yes, if the film ends up doing tremendously well at the box office, this song written by Shabbir Ahmed and put to tune by Sajid-Wajid can expect a decent recall value for it. However, unless that happens, this title track would have to make way for other songs in the album.

The album picks up miraculously with the arrival of 'Shakira', a fun number where the focus is on the leading ladies (Sushmita Sen, Kangna) ending up being far more enticing in their moves when compared to none other than Shakira. While Hard Kaur kick starts the song with her rap, Master Salim and Kalpana come together to get an authentic Punjabi flavour to this Pritam composition, hence making Kumaar written 'Shakira' a definite chartbuster in the making. The song, which also has a 'remix version' for itself has a distinct Pritam stamp to it and makes one wonder that why wasn't this celebration track the first to come on air.

Energy of the album continues to be on a rise with 'Babe Di Kripa' being the next to come. This one is akin to listening to two songs with Kalpana bringing on a Western rendition while new find Vikrant Singh brings on a hardcore Punjabi element. Yet another celebration track written by Kumaar, this one is not just foot tapping but also is noticeable for the way Vikran goes about singing this one. An original voice which is not quite an imitation of any other established singer, Vikrant does quite well in 'Babe Di Kripa' which should work well, especially up North with it's 'remix version' expected to find it's way into the DJ's collection.