No Problem 2010 Movie Preview

No Problem 2010 Movie Preview

Anil Kapoor: Sr. Insp Arjun Singh
The criminals love him because he can never catch them. His father-in-law hates him because he's blot on the police force. If his wife wants to kills him at least once a day.

Sanjay Dutt: Yash
His fingers simply itch whenever he sees anything valuables. He's a thief who'll always remain a thief. If he cannot stop and prefers to remain on the run then.

Akshaye Khanna: Raj
He's the thief who wants to turn straight. He wants to stop being on the run and lead a normal lead with Sanjana. And if Yash is hell bent on getting him into trouble.

Paresh Rawal: Zandulal
First his wife cheats on him with his boss, then the two strangers he gives shelter in his house rob his bank and run away. Now he has to find them and recover his money, his job and his reputation.

Suniel Shetty: Marcos
He's a ruthless criminal who will kill at will. He will take on any job, however risky it may be. But if anyone is stupid enough to double cross him and risk his life and limb, then…

Sushmita Sen: Kajal
She's suffered from a split personality disorder ever since she discovered that her husband Sr. Insp Arjun Singh is a zero rather than hero. If once a day she turns maniacal and tries to kill her husband.

Kangna Ranaut: Sanjana
Kajal's younger sister falls for Raj not knowing his shady past. But even after getting to know he's a crook, she sticks to him. So what if the entire police force and the worst criminals are after him?

Neetu Chandra: Sofia
She's a gangster's moll and can kick ass with as much panache as she can drill a bullet hole through you. And if she suddenly finds she has a soft corner for the guy her boss wants to kill.


Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Raj (Akshaye Khanna) are small time crooks and childhood buddies. Raj wants to lead an honest life, but alas, Yash always manages to do something, that jeopardizes Raj's chances of turning over a new leaf. When Yash robs the First Village Bank, the innocent bank manager, Zandulal (Paresh Rawal), also falls under suspicion, just because he had sheltered Yash and Raj under his roof. Zandulal begs the Bank Chairman for time to look for the two and prove his innocence.

Here in Durban, Arjun Singh (Anil Kapoor) is a bungling ham-handed cop, married to Kajal (Sushmita Sen), the daughter of the commissioner of the police (Shakti Kapoor). Kajal has a split personality - one moment she's a loving wife and mother, who for 10 minutes everyday, transforms into a terrifying maniac intent on murdering her husband! Diamonds worth millions have been stolen from the International Diamond Centre. No witnesses have survived the shooting spree unleashed by the gang lead by Marcos (Suniel Shetty). Arjun is as determined to find these ruthless robbers, as Zandulal is to find the two crooks who robbed his bank.

Yash and Raj try to avoid Zandulal who does not realizing that they are his neighbours. Meanwhile, Raj falls in love with Sanjana (Kangna Ranaut), Kajal's younger sister. At the engagement, Zandulal threatens to expose Yash and Raj unless they return the money they stole from his bank. Cornered, Raj and Yash agree to commit one last robbery. They rob a minister's house, minutes before Marcos arrives. The minister is tortured and killed, because Marcos cannot find the stolen diamonds.

Now starts a game of hide and seek, as Arjun goes after Yash and Raj, the prime suspects in the minister's murder and Marcos also hunts them down because he's figured out that they have the diamonds. With Sanjana's help, Yash and Raj must prove their innocence and also somehow or the other pays back Zandulal...