Isi Life Mein 2010 Movie Preview

Isi Life Mein 2010 Movie Preview

"Should I also do my C.A. just to be on the safe side or should I pursue my music?"

"I want to become an event manager, but my parents want to get me married..."

"When will I get to buy my dream car dude...?"

"What if I propose to her and she says no man..."

"Oh no... What will the boys in my class say when they see my pimples...?"

"I'll definitely shop there... that's where all the happening girls in my college go..."

"I'm a little scared... do you think I'll fit in there...?"

"If I do this my friends will all laugh at me, if I don't my family will be very upset... What to do?"

"No...why do you have to give me a deadline...?"

"I want to take her some place special... can I borrow 500 bucks from you...?"

"Let's bunk the next lecture and catch a movie... Who all are in?"

Haven't we all been posed with such pertinent questions in the most turbulent phase of our lives...?

Well, these are the kind of issues the teenagers are going to be up against in isi Life mein...!

And to quadruple the task, the urbane youth is going to be under the tight scrutiny of the traditional elders... Will the two distinct worlds ever find a mutually agreeable ground...Will the two separate ideologies ever merge... Will they ever be able to open mindedly embrace one another... Isi Life Mein...!