Lava Kusa 2010 Movie Preview

Movie: Lava Kusa 2010 Movie Preview

Lava Kusa is a grand mythological content which is a part of great epic Ramayana. The film largely tells the story of twins regarding their birth and adventures they had at Sage Valmiki's hermitage.

Lava & Kusa were born at Sage Valmiki's hermitage to Mother Sita. As they grew up in course of time they learnt from Valmiki the Ramayana epic and the usage of divine weapons. Their thrilling childhood experiences are shown in this feature film blended with action, comedy and thrilling magical powers. The role of gigantic Falcon, Squirrels, Monkeys, rabbits and Tortoises delights not only the children but also all the age groups.

The twist in the story starts when the twins set off to Ayodhya to recite Valmiki Ramayana in the kingdom of Lord Rama. After performing the recital of Valmiki Ramayana they get to learn that Matha Sita was sent to Vanwas by Lord Rama, so the twins come back from Ayodhya and develop rage over lord Rama.

Lord Rama performs Aswamedha yagna, the same Ashwa (Horse) come into the hermitage of Valmiki, thus the twins happen to read the declaration of Lord Rama in scripted on the golden plate which was hanging on the forehead of the Ashwa and considers that this would be better chance for them to question Lord Rama regarding Matha Sita and to argue with him regarding Dharma.

So they decide to tie the horse and invite Lord Rama for a Battle. They successfully defeat all the army of Lord Rama and also tie the two brothers of Lord Rama i.e. Satrugna & Lakshmana. Thus Lord Rama has no options and hence he himself had to enter the Battle field to fight against Lava - Kusa the twin Warriors. When King Rama enters the battle field himself, Sita and Valmiki get there and avoid the fight by telling the truth to Lord Rama that these two twins Lava & Kusa are his own sons.

Lord Rama affectionately invites the kids and embraces them and request Sita also to come to Ayodhya but she refuses and recedes to her mother Bhoomatha (the Earth Goddess) and sinks into earth. Thus Lord Rama announces Lava Kusa the twin warriors as crown princes of Ayodhya Kingdom.

This entire animated feature film is made up of song with catchy tunes, action, comedy and characters (humans & animals) that maintain true & real friendship all over the show added with visual effects targeted for all age groups and it's definitely a good out and out family entertainer.