Haat 2010 Movie Preview

Movie: Haat 2010 Movie Preview

A story based on a custom called 'Natha Pratha", states that for any reason if a woman wants to leave her husband, her father or any other person who supports her has to pay compensation to her husband.

The amount of compensation is decided by the people who hold judicial post ('Panchayat'). If the said amount cannot be paid for whatever reasons the said woman is punished by villagers for leaving her husband. And the punishment can be as degrading as stripping and parading her naked in front of the whole village. But on the contrary if husband wants to leave a woman, he need not give any reason or explanation for doing so. He can enjoy the free will for the same.

This inspiration of the film is based on a story of a woman who was given a verdict of similar punishment. In this story, the said woman "Sanja" meets a spirit of "Ambalika" who belongs to the 18th Century (Buddha period). 'Ambalika' had undergone similar situation during her existence. Amba's spirit will only receive salvation once she sees some woman standing up to fight against this custom of looking down upon a woman. A woman should be able to have some breathing space in this male-dominated society.

In this era, where we talk of equal rights for men and women, women are still looked down upon, as a mere object of desire, lust and bearing children in spite of being the very source of mankind's existence.

This woman who is tortured by her husband and the caste, instead of being bogged down by the pressure of punishment throws away her inhibitions and stands up against this custom; she maintains her dignity and courage as a woman and gives new definition to womanhood.