Diwangi Ne Had Kar Di Movie Preview

Movie: Diwangi Ne Had Kar Di Movie Preview

Diwangi... is a stirring saga is one of a boy called Raj, who lives in your neighborhood. Raj is the son of a retired colonel. Raj, who studies in College, is a fun loving guy and loves his family dearly. He is a star player on his college's soccer team. Mehek is a childhood friend of Raj and the daughter of the Commissioner of Police. She loves Raj, but has never expressed her feelings to him. Priya also studies in the same college as Raj. She is a spoiled brat, who tends to play pranks with her few selected friends. She often humiliates other students and insults them in front of everyone.

Raj comes in her path, she tries to lure him, but all her efforts go in vain. Her friends bet with Priya to subdue Raj. Irritated with Priya, Raj slaps her in front of the whole college.

Everyone is shocked! But one slap changes her entire life and makes her fall in love with Raj. Priya's father K. N. Singh, a white collar underworld don, has only one dream and that is to become the 'Big Daddy' of the underworld. This now becomes difficult because his daughter Priya is in love with Raj, who is the younger brother of an honest public prosecutor, Rajeev Ranjan. So K. N. Singh loses his temper and plots to remove the hurdles that have come in the way of his fulfilling his dream. He orders the killing of Raj, his family and also of his brother B. N. Singh. He also orders the killing of his own daughter Priya. Unfortunately for K.N. Singh, Raj doesn't die and the entire blame of all the killings comes on Raj. Raj is now running to save himself from K. N. Singh's men and the Police. Mehek also gets shot while saving Raj's life from K. N. Singh's men. What happens next? Do the Police arrest Raj? Does Raj prove his innocence? What happens to Mehek? Is she alive or dead? Does Raj take his revenge on K. N. Singh?