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Movie: Soch Lo 2010

Synopsis : The film takes off from the point where a wounded man is left to die in the desert. He survives the ordeal but loses his identity. He then resorts to robbing solitary car drivers traversing on this highway. He becomes a thug and finds an abandoned shed as his hideaway, where three troubled individuals Harry, Toto and Pali find him. They take him to their home in a nearby village and name him Baba, the beleaguered stowaway makes a deal with Harry that he will fight for his property seized by a local brute and in return Harry would help him find his real identity. When Harry is not of any help, Pali steps in. Baba and sympathetic Pali embark on a very long journey to solve his mystery. Flashes of his wife, visions of being stabbed and then betrayed come rushing to his mind. His relentless search leads to something more diabolic than his expectations.
Cast: Iris Maity, K. P. Nishan Nanaiah, Sartaj Singh Pannu, Bhupinder Singh, Himanshu kohli
Cinematographer: Sandeep Patil
Story Writer: Sartaj Singh Pannu
Sound Designer: Ravi Dev Singh
Director: Sartaj Singh Pannu
Producer: Karanbir Singh Pannu
Banner: Sun Entertainment Production
Music Director: Charu Mohan, Nitish Pires
Background Sound: Nitish Pires
Lyricist: Prashant Ingole, Charu Mohan

MP3 Audio Music Free Download Songs List of Soch Lo 2010 Movie
Dedh Inch Oopar (Honeymoon) Charu Moohan
Dedh Inch Oopar Charu Moohan
Faani Dayar Master Salim & Charu Moohan
Kasera Nitish Pries
Mera Yahan Hai Kaun (Female) Bianca Gomes
Mera Yahan Hai Kaun (Male) Nitish Pries
Save My Destiny Mehboob
Soch Lo Theme (Instrumental)