PEEPLI Live 2010 Music Review

Movie: PEEPLI Live 2010

You don't quite know what to expect from the music of Peepli [Live]. Actually, to be honest, you don't really have much hope either. After all, the factors are not quite conducive to a popular soundtrack being in the offing from Peepli [Live] . Rural base, largely unknown actors, offbeat theme, first time director, an unusual set of composers (Ram Sampat, Indian Ocean, Nageen Tanvir) - you name it! But then (and this is a big 'but' by the way) there is a name called Aamir Khan involved with the film. Frankly, if not for him, the film as well as music would have largely gone unnoticed. He is the sole reason why one still feels that there may well be a surprise round the corner. Let's check out to see if there indeed is one!

There is a rustic sound associated with the music coming from Indian Ocean. It could be Western or Indian based but one can't take out the rustic element from the music that this band creates. This is the reason why ' Des Mera' does carry an individuality around it as the band comes together to make a song which talks about the uniqueness of India for all the mishaps or goodness that it boasts of. Written by Sanjeev Sharma and Swanand Kirkire, ' Des Mera' is a theme track that has a feel good factor about it, keeps its tempo high and goes well with the rural background of the film. However, given the theme, ' Des Mera' (which arrives in an added version) has it's shelf life restricted to the play of the film.

Once the sound of harmonium fills up the first couple of seconds of ' Mehngai Dayain' and Raghubir Yadav begins his rustic rendition, you know that there is one song which is going to stay totally true to the background that the film carries. A track which gives the feeling of a 'live on location' recording, courtesy the way Raghubir along with a bunch of other singers go ahead with their rendition, ' Mehngai Dayain' is as topical as it gets due to the statement it makes against price rise. However, all of this is said in a lighter vein which ensures that the message is conveyed without it being thrust down the throat. A track that comes with traditional lyrics, it has Ram Sampat keeping it totally folksy in nature without any touch up.

What is a killer track though is the 'remix version' of ' Mehngai Dayain' which is a sure shot chartbuster that has been placed in the album. With a Western base to it, some English lyrics, added beats and the thump which the song carries, this version turns out to be a track which will make its presence felt all the way. Whether clubs, campus, hostels or even other family celebrations - the remix version of ' Mehngai Dayain' is such that it won't be ignored at all. A fun track, this one will go a long way. Go for it!