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Movie: 100 Days 1991 , Hundred Days

Synopsis :- Inspired by the Italian Giallo genre of films. 100 days uses main plot elements from Lucio Fulci's 1977 classic "Sette Note in Nero" (Released as Seven Notes in Black & The Psychic).

The Tamil film Nooravathu Naal (1984) also had a similar storyline.

The film opens with a young woman, Devi (Madhuri Dixit), who gets sudden visions (usually accompanied with a mild panic attack) of incidents and accidents that have not yet happened.

Her college friends Sudha (Sabeeha) and Sunil (Javed Jaffrey) try to help her sort through her visions, but to little avail. Things become interesting when Devi gets a vision of her older sister Rama (Moon Moon Sen) being murdered by a mysterious man in a fedora and raincoat. (The film shows footage of the man as viewed from behind; we do not see his face at this point). Devi immediately calls Rama (who lives in another city) and is placated for the moment. But her sister is indeed murdered (exactly according to Devi's vision). The murderer drags her body off to a deserted kothi (bungalow) and hides it inside a wall of said bungalow. Rama is reported missing. Devi firmly believes Rama is dead.

Flash forward five years to the present day. Devi moves to her uncle's (Ajit Vachani) home where she eventually meets and is courted by millionaire businessman Ram Kumar (Jackie Shroff). After a somewhat brief courtship, they marry. (Sunil is somewhat dejected; he held an unrequited love for Devi.) It turns out that the kothi belonged to Ram's family and was sealed off pending a legal ownership dispute for the past six years (i.e. it was still sealed when the murder happened). Ram and Devi move into the newly redecorated bungalow and begin their married life. Continue on Wikipedia

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Gabbar Singh Yeh
Le Le Dil De De Dil
Pyar Tera Pyar
Tana Dere Na Tana Na De
Sun Sun Sun Dilruba
Sun Beliya - Part II