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Movie: Phaans (2010)

Synopsis : This story is about Nuclear test at Pokharan in the year 1998. It was the year when India and Pakistan were on the verge of a war. The bitterness between both the nations was at its peak. But declaring a war wasn’t all that easy especially for Pakistan. So they planned to attack India by hiring a few militants. When Indian officials got this information they realized that there is only one man who can do the job for them and that is Mr. Jawahar. At the time of partition Jawahar had left all his relations, settled in Delhi with his father and started his business. Since his roots were from Pakistan his contacts were still alive and he knew all the influential people there. That was exactly why he and his services were used during the 1965 war with Pakistan. Although dedicated to the benefit of his country, Jawahar’s son Jatin, serving in Indian Army was declared traitor by the BSF in 1978. unable to bear such humiliation, Jatin commits suicide. Due to this shock, Jatin’s wife loses her voice forever. One death shocks the whole family and changes everything overnight. Jawahar runs around to prove that his son was a patriot and not a traitor but since Jawahar is a secret agent he is neither heard nor was he ever awarded any medal for his credible work in the past. Eventually he is even thrown out of job and was forced to the leave the lanes of old Delhi where he lived to move house to Tagore gardens. Secret agent Jawahar now had only his granddaughter Sameera to live for. Inspite of such a treatment from his country, Jawahar once again agrees to work as a secret agent. His only condition is that his son will be cleared of the black spot on his career. Since Jawahar is too old now, his grand daughter Sameera is put on the job of secret agent. Sameera goes to Pakistan to get those important documents that hold the information about militants and their plans to enter the Indian border. Will Sameera manage to get the documents? Will she be able to clear the name of her father as traitor? Will she make her grandfather Jawahar proud in front of the whole nation?
Cast: Kanan Malhotra, Moin Khan, Shieva , Raza Murad, Reshma Modi, Amita Nangia, Adil Rana, Shiraj Murtaza, Rakesh Hans, Jawahar , Vidya Sinha, Sandip Pandey, Kshitij Prakash, Seema Bedi, Jai Prakash, R.K.Sharma , Sattyam
Cinematographer: Thomas Xavier
Music Director: Dilip Sen
Playback Singer: Hariharan , Roop Kumar Rathod, Sadhana Sargam, Shaan , Jaspinder Narula, Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Ali
Background Sound: Abuzar
Lyricist: Sanjay Mishra

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